On the 5th day of Christmas

This holiday season, Ottawa Foodie Girlz is celebrating the 12 days of Christmas with a festive Q&A style blog series featuring one local business per day. We’ve spent the last few weeks connecting with local business owners and each day we will we will reveal the business, their story, and a special giveaway. That’s right, we have 12 giveaways coming up!

Make sure to check out our 12 days of Christmas event page every day as we reveal the next business. All giveaways will start the day the blog is featured end 5 days later! All photos have been provided by the business, unless otherwise credited. 

On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me.....

Why/How/When did you start your business?
Dominion City Brewing Co. was founded and continues to be operated by three friends: Josh McJannett, Andrew Kent and Alex Monk.

From the start, we envisioned our brewery as more than just a for-profit enterprise. Dominion City was built as a vehicle to support our community and for collaboration with other people and organizations contributing to the richness of Ottawa’s social fabric. We love working with arts organizations like the Ottawa Fringe Festival and have a long-standing partnership with the Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard that does amazing work in our neighbourhood.

Tell us about your successes and/or challenges?
We’ve have had an incredible amount of support from friends, family and total strangers for this project, from the very beginning. Our team here keeps this play moving forward; the energy they bring every day to keep us sharp and trying new things makes all the difference. Three guys do not pull this kind of thing off alone, we’ve learned.

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, we’ve faced myriad challenges from the start. From money to delays to facing moments when we were sure it all was over. But through it all we’ve had this incredible community pulling for us and that has been there to support the next crazy thing we decide to chase down.

What do you want people to know about you and your products?
Dominion City was really born from an idea: We wanted to brew great artisanal beer that emphasized a connection with the land and people that make it possible.

We buy loads of Ontario-grown hops and we love sharing the incredible flavours they produce in our beers with our customers. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to buy more local and to champion regional agricultural producers. We love the idea of terroir in beer; this idea that what you’re drinking can say something about where you’re drinking it and who made it for you.

Where else can people find your products (if applicable).
You can find our beer at our bottleshop where we sell 1.89L growlers and 750ml grumblers of our four mainstay beers and an ever-changing lineup of specialty and seasonal batches. We’re grateful for an expanding list of pouring partners serving our beer across the city. You can find a full listing here.

What’s next?
We love the holidays and we’re brewing up a couple special things for it.

Years ago, our head brewer Josh studied in Denmark where they have a great beer culture and Christmas beer traditions. Every year around the first snowfall, breweries across Denmark release a special Julebryg (‘yule brew’), bringing people together in the coldest, darkest time of year for something cozy and warming. At Dominion City, we’re taking up the tradition by bringing this great Danish custom to Ottawa by releasing a balanced and moderately spiced Christmas ale available exclusively at select pouring partners at 8:59pm on the first Friday in December. Bottles will be available at the shop starting Saturday, December 5th until we run out. It tastes like Christmas in a Hans Christian Andersen story.

 Contact Information

#15-5510 Canotek Road
Ottawa, ON K1J 9J5
Website: http://www.dominioncity.ca/
Email:  info@dominioncity.ca
Telephone: 613.688.6207


 Day 5: Dominion City Brewing Co.