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Turkey takeaway roundup

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away so you are probably starting to think about what you are going to have for dinner! If you don’t have time to cook or want to leave that to someone else so that you can enjoy your guests, we’ve done a roundup and found four Turkey Takeaway options in Ottawa! Gobble Gobble. Brookstreet Hotel For more information, click here Takeaway Turkeys Dinner $219 (serves up to 10 people) Why not take a break this Thanksgiving and let Brookstreet prepare your turkey with all the trimmings! Gourmet Turkey Dinners are available for pick up on Sunday October 11 and include: A Whole Roasted Turkey (15-19 lbs.) Thyme & Confit Garlic Bread Stuffing (1kg / 2.2lbs) Buttermilk...

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Give with heart

February was Heart Month. Most of us know someone who has had some form of heart disease but many of us know little about what that means… and that's a problem! Heart Month is a great time to learn more about the causes, treatment and prevention of heart disease. It’s also a great time to support great institutions like the Ottawa Heart Institute (OHI): A world-class facility located right here in Ottawa. OHI is Canada’s largest and foremost cardiovascular health centre treating over 80,000 patients a year. The theme for this year’s campaign was: One Heart Healed, Many Lives Saved. I was once one of those 80,000 patients as I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog post so it was...

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